The Mediterranean coast

A mosaic of landscapes and colours

Languedoc-Roussillon, a holiday destination that opens onto a mosaic of colours and an astonishing range of traditions and landscapes. 

In Camargue, wild herds of white horses run free. In the marshlands, pink flamingos fly overhead whilst herdsmen round up their nimble, black bulls. The lighthouses stand proud, taunting the sea-born formula ones sliding over the frothy waves of the deep blue sea. Giant catamarans leave Port Camargue, shooting forth into the horizon.  

The fishing boats return to their ports trailing a cloud of seagulls in their wake. Along the quays the tourists wait and watch, keen for their sea bass and sea breams. They are intrigued by the jousters perched on the wooden platforms of their red and blue boats.

At the end of a sea inlet travelled by barges, mountains of salt tower over large stretches of red water. A little further on, the dunes rise once more. The beach runs along 200 kilometres with welcoming seaside resorts, havens for naturists, past Sete, with its “singular island” and an air of Venice, unique light along the Côte Vermeille and on to Collioure, a source of inspiration for Picasso and Matisse.

And then there are the straw huts, set in the sand just for summer, where you can eat, taste local wines and sunbathe. They are exotic, trendy, sexy or glamorous. The choice is all yours. The green golf courses of Saint Cyprien or La Grande Motte are just nearby. The hiking trails, sketched into valleys reminiscent of Corsica, look out over the sea and lagoons.

Heading South! The Tramontane winds sweep new, fine, sandy beaches. Kite surfers hooked up to their multicoloured wings rise into the brilliant blue sky. At the edge of the Côte Vermeille, divers weave in and out of the Banyuls or Cerbère seabed, populated with red coral and white skates. The Pyrenees plummet into the blue sea.

At the foot of the stunningly tall cliffs nestle small coves. Coves which, like the beaches, Roman arenas, museums, medieval cities bathed in sunshine…are as many beautiful settings for holidays on the Mediterranean coast.

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